Christmas Lights at the Churchill Arms By Nascot Creative

Forget Oxford Street, The Churchill Arms, Kensington is the most festive place to visit at Christmas.  It has the most impressive pub Christmas lighting display in London… “probably the best in the world” (whoops sorry wrong brand tag line)

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Fuller’s Pub with 100 Christmas Trees

General Manager, James Keogh and his team take three weeks, 100 Christmas trees and 22,500 lights to make this magical scene, and Fuller’s invited us to capture the moment.  I was the event photographer and I also invited my colleague Nathanial to capture the video content.

The evening was fast-paced as the pub was packed with revellers ready to celebrate the beginning of the festive season.  We wanted to capture as much character about the pub as we could (not difficult, this place has loads of character).  This amazing lighting ceremony has been continuing for a whopping 28 years, so tradition was very much the theme.

When all the video content had been captured, I decided to stay behind and capture a few more images of the customers enjoying the Christmas cheer, and also some more images of the jaw-dropping Christmas lights outside.

Now, as the Churchill Arms is a famous London pub, I thought it would be great to capture a shot of the exterior with the famous red London bus passing by.  Can’t be that hard right?  Every time I tried to take the shot, a large van or lorry would appear and get in the way of the picture.  And then just as I’d be ready to capture the shot, I’d have a lovely local walk in front to talk to me and ask I was capturing, which was fine as I love to talk.  After one whole hour later I finally managed to get the shot I wanted.  

It’s nowhere near my favourite shot of the evening, but it’s an example of the patience it takes to get the photograph, and how satisfying capturing an image at the right time can be.