talkhouse Oxford bedroom photography by Nascot Creative

With two roaring real fires, The Talkhouse is a beautiful Cotswold Stone pub with rooms.  Licensees Mark and Nick Duval put their hearts into this place to really make you feel welcome.

The Talkhouse Oxford

For this project, The Talkhouse required new photography, a new layout website to be created, and updated content to help ensure they’re a bit more search engine friendly.  

This pub has so much character.  The moment you walk through the door you are greeted with the cosiest looking sofa area, exposed wooden beams and a beautiful fire in centre place.

photography by Nascot Creative

Capturing the character

To the left you have a lovely restaurant area, lovingly converted from an old barn.  The main bar has an interesting ancient-looking stone mural embedded within the Cotswold stone brickwork.  

Walking through the pub you see a new feature every minute… and I was there for hours. From a beautifully made exterior swing sign with a 3D telephone box, a feature wall covered in mirrors, to an old beer bottle literally set into the stonework of the walls. This pub has everything

Food photography by Ray at Nascot Creative
Dining at the Talkhouse

Food Photography

Once I completed all the interior shots, their talented Head Chef, James Clark was ready to prepare a few meals for the food photography. The food here is stunning, I found it hard not to eat all the dishes I was capturing, but I can confirm that no food was wasted while taking these images… couldn’t breathe… “step away from the food Ray, you’ve had enough” #TheresAlwaysRoomForDesert.

talkhouse Oxford bedroom photography by Nascot Creative
Bedrooms at the Talkhouse

The Talkhouse recently refurbished their bedrooms and so after capturing their food, I headed across the garden to their beautifully converted stables. These rooms are stunning, and again, so much detail to capture. So cosy, and if I’m honest, after the food photography, I was tempted to book the room.

Whenever I’m creating a new website, I like to portray as much of the authentic voice and character of the pub as possible. So when all the rooms, food and interior had been photographed, I headed back to the bar to sit down and try to look at the pub through a customer’s eyes. This is the time you really begin to capture the finer detail and friendly service, and friendly it really is. Both Mark and Nick are truly welcoming, so I’m looking forward to returning as a customer in the near future.